How Photographers Are Saving $1000’s On Gear!

June 2, 2017

You have probably noticed that camera gear can get quite expensive. Lenses, drones, tripods, and DSLR cameras all can have some pretty high price tags. Photographers have unique needs in regards to their gear, which requires many to spend $1000’s of dollars every year. This exceptionally high expense can be reduced by a significant amount by taking one thing into consideration. There are countless cases of photographers purchasing new lenses for a specific project and only using it a few times after that.


This is a huge waste of your hard earned money! Due to the low cost of renting items it’s always a smart idea to rent a new piece of gear at least once before you buy. In almost every case, over the long run you will come out ahead in terms of your bank account. Even if you know that you’ll be using a specific piece of gear more than once, it’s often more cost effective to rent the item for cash purposes. For example, instead of spending $1500 on a new lens, your needs may only require a rental cost of $300 for the year, which will allow you to invest the excess cash into other gear. This will increase the quality of your work and therefore increase the fee you’re able to charge clients. Photographers that understand this are both saving and making more money every year.


There are many stores that rent out camera equipment around the Greater Toronto Area. However, the process of renting can at times be quite chaotic in comparison to purchasing gear on modern online outlets. This has deterred many individuals from the savings that renting goods can offer. How do you get the best of both worlds? One way is to check out a new way to rent consumer goods, which is coming soon. This new way to rent is being developed by a startup company called Lendr.Rent who is working to provide consumers such as photographers with both affordability and convenience.

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