How To Get Your Lawn In Prime Shape For The Summer

June 9, 2017

Everyone loves having a front lawn that looks amazing! If you're like most people who have tried over and over to achieve that lush look with no success, check out this tip list!
Here are some tips on how to get that lush green look!
1. The importance of Raking

Dead grass and other other unwanted debris can keep your grass from reaching its full potential. Raking this excess away will allow new grass to grow more easily. This will also increase the soil contact your seeds will get when you decide to seed.


2. Soil is a big factor

Conducting a soil test is extremely simple and can also be quite inexpensive if you utilize things such as A soil test provides you with valuable information about the current pH level, which will tell you whether amendments like lime or sulfur should be added to make your grass look amazing.


3. Aerating

Soil compaction is common among homes with older lawns, which is something that can really hold back grass growth. A core aerator that pulls little plugs of soil out of the ground will allow water, nutrients, and oxygen into the soil more easily. Lawn aeration can also increase the soil contact with new seeds and improve the success rate of new growth. You can rent an aerator from as well once released!


4. Seeding

Spring is the best time to use seeding methods to repair thin or bare patches in existing lawns. Selecting the right seed can be quite complicated, however, there are many great options to choose from that perform well including coated seeds. After you plant the new seed, remember to water the area lightly but regularly to insure the area stays quite damp. You can also apply fertilizer before seeding but this is optional and isn't required to see success.


5. The battle with Weeds

Having a healthy, lush lawn, will squeeze out the weeds and not let them grow. Crabgrass and dandelions should be dealt with as soon as possible by you, so that you can let your lawn take care of them for the rest of the summer. You don't want to neglect them in the spring and end up having to fight the battle again down the line. If you're considering using herbicides just remember that they can kill grass seeds, so make sure that if you’ve applied seed choose a product that will not affect new growth. For weeds but dandelions in particular, digging them up by the root is often an effective solution.



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