5 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding

June 17, 2017


Wedding season is upon us. And everybody knows that weddings cost lots and lots of money. However, your wedding doesn't have to look like something out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" in order to be great. Here are some tips on saving money at your wedding!


Consider a buffet. Don’t scoff at that word; if done right, a buffet can be quite cool. And it requires less staff, which is why this route saves you money. The more service you need, the higher your cost is going to be. Caterers can be flexible in their food costs, because that goes directly to them; they can’t be flexible in labor costs. That money is merely passing through the chef’s hands and going to staff hands. You do want a caterer who pays their staff well, though; happier, better-trained staff means your event will go more smoothly. Basically, you want fewer, well-paid people.


Go seasonal. If you want to use blackberries in the middle of winter, you can expect to vacate your bank account. Insist that your caterer use seasonal ingredients. For summer weddings, head for the vegetables: tomato salads, grilled zucchini salads, vegetable gratins… “Wherever you are, there are some local farms that want/need need your business.


Stick to beer and wine. Booze will run you into the ground. People are excited just to have something to drink; they will take whatever you give them. Serve pre-selected wines and beers and then have something refreshing (and without alcohol) on deck. 


If wine and beer just isn’t enough for you, ask your caterer to create a signature cocktail and give it some fun name that has to do with how you two met or something about your relationship. That way it’s one cocktail; you buy the ingredients for it, and that’s all - you’re not buying endless bottles of all these different liquors.


Save the dough for dessert. People at weddings have an expectation of wedding cakes, therefore having a cake made by your cousin Jimmy won't do. Wedding cakes are architecturally engineered; there’s a reason people get paid a lot of money to make them. There are a lot of bakers in your area who are well-trained and doing great work.


Be smart with renting. there are plenty of ways to save money on equipment such as speakers, tents, tables, chairs, cutlery, etc. Get different quotes from different rental companies in your area to get a feel for what's a ripoff and what's not. Lendr is an upcoming application that lets you see and compare prices of thousands of rental items in all sorts of categories, so make sure to enter your email to be notified of its release! 


That's our 5 tips on saving money for your wedding! If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments below!


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