4 Money Saving Tips For Videographers!

June 19, 2017


1. Rent. If you’re only occasionally shooting, then why would you buy? Many people only require specialty equipment such as drones once or twice a year. However, they decide to buy one for a $2,000 price tag!  Renting that same piece of equipment would save most of that money allowing you to spend it else where. All the big camera stores have rental departments and that is always my first choice. The process of renting can be quite difficult at times, which is a downside. Thankfully, there is a new platform coming out called Lendr, which you can sign up for early access by going to www.lendr.info  This platform allows you to quickly and easily locate and compare a rental item!


2. The easiest ways to save extra money in videography is to get the most out of what you already have. Most gear can has more than one use if you get a little creative. With the right attitude and some experimentation you can end up increasing the overall capacity of your equipment by 200%. Before plopping down extra cash to get the next great thing, watch some videos on youtube about how other people are using what you have in unique ways. Chances are that you can do things with the gear you already have that you didn’t even think was possible.


3. Volunteering can save you a ton of money on videography workshops and conferences by receiving free admission into the event. You may have to work a bit, but you will almost always get access to information that would other cost $1000s! Even if you only end up getting to attend a few sessions or are working in a session as a volunteer it's worth it because you'll get to network with other photographers and industry professionals that may give you an amazing opportunity.


4. Using your friends and family as the models and actors for any short films you do rather than hiring pros is much more cost effective. Furthermore, rounding out your skill set in the areas that you often expense can also be very beneficial. Learning how to do makeup for example will undoubtedly save you money on hiring makeup-artists. However, it is also important to take into account quality when weighing these decisions! 




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