Top 4 Summer Home Improvements

June 23, 2017


Summer is an excellent time to start looking at areas of your home that might need some repairs or remodelling. The winter season may have taken a toll on some areas of your house, and now you can relax outside in the warm weather while the work is being done!


1. Clean or Repair Gutters
After a year of extreme weather changes, summer is the best time to take a look at the condition of your gutters. The last thing you want is a leak during a rainstorm! Self-cleaning gutters are now available as well, which makes maintenance less of a concern.


2. Decks and Porches
Summer is the perfect time to relax on your deck or porch and enjoy a good book or a drink. Making sure your deck is properly protected in the summer can save you $1000s in repair cost from winter damage. During the colder months, water seeps into cracks and freezes, which ultimately damages your deck or porch further. Repairing these areas and sealing cracks is quite inexpensive to do and can be done without the need of a contractor if you do some research.


3. New Windows
Keeping your home at the perfect temperature by using air conditioning can get quite expensive, especially if you have out-dated windows. Installing energy efficient windows will help you save a ton of money during the hot summer! Compared to wood, fiber-glass and vinyl windows are much more efficient and should definitely be considered.


4. Metal Roof

Although it can be expensive, installing a metal roof is an extremely smart decision. It will easily increase the property’s value while reducing your power costs. Another up side to metal roofs is that they last much longer than asphalt shingles. A quality metal roof will also hold well up against snow, rain or even hail making maintenance less of an issue.


These home upgrades can be quite inexpensive if you’re smart about it! Utilizing something like Lendr.Rent can help you save money on the equipment you need for the repairs!



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