How do I obtain coverage under Lendr's Item Guarantee?

July 4, 2018

Although most disputes are successfully resolved by security charges, Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee exists for additional peace of mind to ensure that your items are fully covered in the case that anything were to go wrong in collecting a security charge from your renter.

Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee covers approved users' items up to $300/per user & per year. For your items to be covered under Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee, you may simply request Item Guarantee coverage from within the creation of your listing. Item Guarantee coverage must be requested for each individual item you wish to receive coverage for.

In order to be eligible for Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee, there are some requirements and restrictions that are enforced as part of our Terms of Service. Lendr Inc. reserves the right to refuse and/or withdraw Item Guarantee coverage should you fail to adhere to the requirements and restrictions listed in our Terms of Service.

  • Lender may not have claimed bankruptcy in the past, nor have ever been denied insurance coverage.

  • Lender may not have ever received a conviction for a criminal offense for which a pardon has not been issued.

  • Lendr Rating must be 4.0 stars or above.

  • Timestamped photographs and/or timestamped video evidence of the item in working, functional condition must be provided as proof of the item having been in functional condition prior to lending. This photo/video evidence must be created within a 24 hour range prior to the commencement of the rental period.

  • Set replacement value of the item (security charge) must reflect fair market value of the item

  • The item(s) in question must be Lendr Inc. Supported Items, which include camera equipment, musical equiptment, books, clothing, outdoor equipment, tools, and party supplies. Items that don’t adhere to our Terms of Service such as sexual-related items, weapons, vehicles, transportation devices, high-value and/or one-of-a-kind items (items valued above $300 may only be partially reimbursed), and housing are not eligible for coverage under Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee.

Lendr Inc. reserves the right to request further information at any time, If fraudulent information is provided on behalf of the user requesting Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee coverage, Lendr Inc. reserves the right to refuse and/or withdraw Item Guarantee coverage at its discretion.


You (the lender) are solely responsible for ensuring that the item(s) you have requested coverage for adheres to the “supported items” as outlined under our Terms of Service. Should Lendr Inc. determine that your item is not a “supported item” under our Terms of Service, Lendr Inc. may withdraw or refuse coverage.


Stolen Item Claims

  • A police report must be filed prior to making a Lendr Item Guarantee claim and proof of this must be provided to Lendr Inc.


What is a timestamped photo/video?

A timestamped photo/video refers to pictures and/or videos of your item with proof of the content being created on a specific date. For example, if you’re lending an item to a renter on March 22nd, you must create timestamped photos and/or a timestamped video on March 21st showing the current condition of your item and any pre-existing damage that may be present before lending it.

The best way to provide a “timestamp” is to write the current date on a piece of paper and include it in each picture or show it at the beginning of a one-take video. Timestamped photos/videos are necessary in order to solve damaged item claims fairly and accurately.

How do I file a claim under Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee?

To file a damaged item claim, please fill out our damaged item dispute form.

To file a stolen item claim, you must first file a police report. Then, contact us via email at

Which items are covered under Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee?

Any item for which you have applied and been accepted to receive coverage under Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee. Lendr Inc.’s Item Guarantee covers up to $300 in reimbursements per year.


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