5 Ways to Creatively Earn a Passive Income

September 30, 2018


It seems that in past five years, starting a business for oneself has become the new cool thing. This is great, especially in an era where technology and social media has become a very useful tool. However, many people have a misconception that starting a business requires you to quit your day job and have a large capital to begin with. Well, let me assure you that that is not true. There is a middle ground, which is to invest time into a creative business idea that will get you passive income.  I am going to tell you five creative ways to make money while you get to keep your day job!


1. Create an Online Course


Have you heard the saying: “everyone is an expert at something”? Then why not make money-teaching people about a topic you are passionate about. For your course to be a success, all you will need content of you explaining how to master that craft. Content should include video, audio, and small eBooks. This way it is catered to different types of students of your class. A great place to get started and start selling your course online is a website like teachable.com. It has awesome tool and information to help you set up your course in no time. When you are done creating your online course, all you have to do is publish it. Then watch how it can start making money for you.


2. Write an E-book


Thanks to the Internet, there are no gatekeepers preventing you from the world to see your work. If you have any type of passion for writing, regardless of genre, right now is your time! You can type up that novel, how-to-manual, or self-help book you always wanted to write and start making money at the same time. Yes that may require hard work, but once you have created your material and marketed it well, your eBook will get you passive income over time. You can have your own website or have affiliate marketing setup where other’s will have content from your eBook on their website.


3. Sell your Photography


While scrolling through Instagram, time-to-time I notice some people with amazing photography portfolios. I always wonder, if any of them have tried selling them. Websites like Shutterstock are great platforms to sell your breathtaking photographs. All you would have to do is publish your portfolio on as many platforms like Shutterstock, and make money every time someone decides to purchase it. 


4. Drop shipping


Do you have a product that you use specifically that you are very knowledgeable about? Why not start selling that product online, on your own website or platforms like Facebook-Marketplace. You can have that product shipped that product to your customers directly from your supplier. The challenge that will lie ahead is, having a well designed website and creating traffic. However, that can be solved through websites like Shopify.com and social media. Once you have your website setup, you can get traffic buy promoting your brand/website through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Finally when all that is setup and figured out, you will be making money while you are asleep!


5. Renting out your Items


Do you have items in your house that you haven’t used in a while and feel like it was a waste of money? I have some good news for you. There is an app called Lendr that is being launched in October that allows you to rent out your stuff to create a passive income. You have the freedom to rent out cameras, appliances, furniture, and much more through the platform. You can even set your own deposit for the safety of your item. Now you can rest easy and not worry about not using your items in your home.

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